Master's Collection: The Return of Jongor

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Directly from the Frazetta Art Museum, The Masters Collection is the highest quality museum-grade reproductions available anywhere on the market today. 

These limited editions are graced with beautiful Italian wood frames, each hand picked to bring out the vibrant colors in these striking canvas reproductions. 

Each Master's Edition is personally enhanced by Frank Frazetta Jr. Showing great attention to detail, he precisely adds color and texture to the canvas to emulate the original masterpieces themselves. Taking the utmost care, he applyies beautiful brush strokes with a clear acrylic to recreate his father’s masterpieces as close as possible. 

These Museum quality canvas reproductions are the highest grade available today, and with many of the original oil paintings hanging in the Frazetta museum, this is the closest thing to having a Frazetta masterpiece hanging on the walls of your home or office.



  • 24x28" Frame


Avoid hanging in direct sunlight

High levels of humidity may cause the canvas to sag- if this occurs, simply bring it to a professional to stretch.

  • Quality Products

    Many of our products are made in-house using state of the art printers, inks, papers, and other materials to ensure your product represents Frazetta's original art as closely as possible.

  • Authentic

    The Frazetta Art Museum is an official Frazetta family operated business! Purchases made go toward the preservation of Frank's original works.

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    As a majority of our products are stocked in our museum, they can be shipped in as little as a few business days!

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