Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are directly related to this site and it's process. We hope to expand it further as more questions are answered. Please let us know about any concerns or questions you may have.

How long does it take for my order to get shipped? If the item is in stock we will ship your order same-day if it's placed prior to 1PM EST.

If there is a problem with my order when I receive it what are my options?

You may call Lori Frazetta at our primary number (570-242-6180) or email us at about any issues you experience with your order.

Are the Frazetta Art Prints frameable?

Absolutely! They are printed on a high grade art paper and look great when mounted and framed.

I don't have a credit card, can I still order from this web site?

Surely, it will take a little longer to process the order and time for the check to clear, but you are more than welcome to send a personal check. A certified check or money order will speed up the process about one week over that of a personal check. Just send your order directly to The Frazetta Art Museum- 218 Sweetwater Lane, East Stroudsburg, PA. 18301. Make sure to specify the item number with the cost and correct amount of freight charges.

I have seen other Frazetta items for sale other what you offer on this site- can I order them through you or can you get them for me?

At this time we only offer what's in our gallery store, but we will be adding new products from time to time when they become available. If you check in our Frazetta News section you will be notified of any new products in production before they are actually sold through stores. Other Frazetta websites do not give any kickback to the museum, while any sales generated on this site go directly toward the preservation of the artwork.

If I e-mail you a question will you respond to it?

Regretfully we cannot answer all of the e-mails sent to us, but we will read every one of them. Your comments and suggestions are taken personally by one of our family members and if it is a repetitive question asked by many fans we are going to post it on this F.A.Q board for your reading. Due to the overwhelming response to this site, we appreciate your suggestions and any thing that you would like to see in the future from our site. Once again, we ask you to be patient with our new site; we will always be updating it and keeping you posted with any news pertaining to Frank Frazetta.

Sincerely yours ,
Frank Frazetta Jr.

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