The Frazetta Art Museum

The Frazetta Art Museum in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, is home to the largest collection of Frazetta originals in the world. We are located at 141 Museum Road, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Reopened solely by Frank Frazetta Jr in 2013, the museum houses roughly 30 original oil pieces and countless pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor works; also housed are personal items such as part of his camera collection, sports equipment, easel, pallet, and much more! The museum resides on the original 67 acre estate in the heart of the Pocono mountains. Overlooking the small lake at the base of the distant mountains, your visit will be one to remember and you will look forward to returning time and time again. This estate is where Frank created his most iconic paintings since 1971. His four children were brought up on this large parcel of land in a time that the Poconos were still in their "honeymoon" stage- with a population under 25,000 in the early 1970’s to today totaling well over 250,000 residents. But the estate property has stayed intact since the original purchase in 1971, only to be groomed and landscaped to make it as beautiful as one could imagine.

The museum is unique in that the family are the curators and are more than happy to spend your visit talking about Frank, Ellie, and the artwork.
However, we also understand that some visitors would prefer to be left alone to study, and we’re happy to let them wander off on their own-- visits are individualized to each person or group that walks through the doors. Lori and Frank Jr. run the museum; though in the busier months you can expect some of the grandchildren guiding visitors around regardless of the day as well.

Paintings include famous works such as Death Dealer III, The Indomitable, Cat Girl, and Silver Warrior.
Though we do not own all Frazetta originals, Frank Jr. made sure to pick out a varied collection so that every Frazetta fan would be satisfied and happy with our collection. We also have some rare pieces, such as the left-handed paintings Frank did after his 8th stroke and Reign of Wizardry, a piece that was never hung in the museum and was never published in its final form until recently. Thanks to you, we are beginning to add even more art to our growing collection!

There is a required donation of $15 per visitor.
A museum is costly, and this one is no exception. Since this is done as a labor of love, admission keeps the museum open for public viewing and also helps to prevent the sale of original art that is currently housed in the museum. Sales from our website or our gift shop are also considered as donations toward keeping the museum open.

The museum is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10AM until 4PM. We will remain open during the winter, but please call ahead to check what the weather is like.
We recommend showing up no later than 3PM if possible, as that will give you enough time to view the artwork before our 4PM closing time. There is no time limit to your visit, only the open and closing times. The average length of stay depends on the visitor, but generally around 1-2 hours; though some come for 30 minutes and others stay the entire day!

We do not sell original pieces of artwork unless it is absolutely necessary to preserve the rest of the artwork and to keep the museum open.
To date we have only sold two original oils-- the first to buy the museum and the second to keep it open. If you see original art being sold, there is a very, very low chance of it being sold from us-- after all, there couldn’t be a museum without the artwork!

Our website has the only online store that is affiliated with the museum and preservation of the artwork.
Though other legal Frazetta online stores exist, only this one helps to keep the artwork secure and the museum open for public viewing. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t buy from the other websites if you like their merchandise, but know that every dollar spent on this official museum website is considered a donation and will be put toward making sure Frank Frazetta’s museum remains open for current and future generations to view, study, and enjoy!