The power of strategic marketing is what separates a successful company from their competitors; and when you become one of the many worldwide licensees that incorporate the incredible artwork of Frank Frazetta, you gain a significant increase in that power. Whether incorporating the art into your own line of merchandising or starting with your own creations, developing new, innovative products,Frank Frazetta’s iconic characters are just the start of your life long dream.

Licensing the Frazetta brand couldn’t be easier, and when you become part of the Frazetta team, you will have access to literally hundreds of incredible illustrations that have made him the most iconic fantasy illustrator of the 20th century. With access to an archive of fantasy images, it opens the door to a world of amazing characters that will initiate an immediate advantage over your competitors.

Frank Frazetta’s art has been used by licensees throughout the world for an assemblage of memorabilia unlike any other. From statues to jewelry, calendars, comic books and attire- just to name a few- that have made many companies very successful. His magnificent images have even influenced some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Many have gone on to create the most unbelievable films, books, and products that have grossed multi-million dollars while becoming some of the largest franchises in the world. If you have a dream and are not sure where to start, you have come to the right place.

The Art of Frank Frazetta has touched, influenced, and inspired generations of artists, fans, designers, and movie directors for over 60 years. During his career he had created over 350 oil paintings, most published on numerous paperbacks, magazines, and art books. His career started in the early 1940’s from the Famous Funnies and EC, comic works, to book covers featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan, Pellucidar, and John Carter of Mars-- now a major motion picture.

He worked with Al Capp on his syndicated comic strip, Li'l Abner from 1953-1961 as a ghost artist which was the bridge way for his soon to be famous paperback covers.

Robert E. Howard's cult following of Conan the Barbarian turned into a national best seller in 1966 when Frank's interpretation of a barbaric character sold 10,000,000 copies of the paperback books. His art is still used on Conan related books and has single-handedly accountable for making the Conan estate a huge franchise, with revenues exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars based on his original concept of a barbaric figure in 1966. He created a total of 9 different covers and each has been extremely profitable for the publishers and founding company. The Conan novels' success also helped the great acting career of Arnold Schwarzenegger who played Conan the Barbarian and has since been in numerous mega box office films.

Clint Eastwood, George Lucas, and Sylvester Stallone are just a few of the stars that have visited Frank’s estate, all inspired by his marvelous creations. In 1978, George Lucas visited Frank in PA, and told Frank that his early Buck Rogers comic covers inspired him to create the huge Star Wars films that have captivated tens of millions of fans around the world. It has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and has since been sold to Disney.

On the back cover of Mad Magazine, his portrait of the Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr screamed out to Hollywood, getting their attention with its incredible likeness. They soon hired Frank to do Movie posters for a wide variety of films (30), from the mid 1960’s to the early 70’s. What's new Pussycat, After The Fox, Mad Monster Party are some of the great movie posters Frank created for the film industry.

Some notable companies and individuals in the film and record industries that have worked with Frazetta: United Artist Capitol Records EMI Epic MGM A and M Chiller Records Kama Sutra Records Verve Modular Records Molly Hatchet Wolfmother Nazareth Herman's Hermits Roy Orbinson Dust Roger Miller Clint Eastwood Ralph Bakshi Dino DeLaurentis Sylvester Stallone Bo Derek Ringo Starr Tom Jones/What's New Pussycat

So if you're ready to take the next step to a prosperous future by incorporating the Frazetta brand into your product or creating your own, please contact us for more details pertaining to licensing fees.

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