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Inked Gaming Frazetta's Dawn Attacks Playmat

Inked Gaming Frazetta's Dawn Attacks Playmat

If there’s one artist who can give your game a high-flying, action-packed backdrop, it’s Frank Frazetta! Featuring quality craftsmanship, amazing artwork, and premium materials, both on the top and bottom, this Dawn Attacks playmat checks all the boxes. The smooth, soft cloth material on top promotes easier card handling and better security, while the anti-slip rubber backing on the bottom keeps a tight grip on every surface. So, if slips and awkward card pick-ups have been a problem in the past, they won’t be any longer. And the cloth top is so soft that you won’t have to worry about jeopardizing the condition of your cards during battles either. Together, these features and attributes offer a more enhanced way to play your favorite game(s), which is what we look to accomplish with every piece that we produce! 


Key Features:

  • Thickness: 1/16 of an inch
  • Smooth cloth top with rubber bottom for traction
  • Protects cards and sleeves
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Machine Washable

Length: 24 inches (610mm)

Height: 14 inches (356mm)

Thickness: ~1/16 inch (1.7mm)

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