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Sideshow Collectibles Death Dealer I Fine Art Print

Sideshow Collectibles Death Dealer I Fine Art Print

Astride an obsidian war horse, the Death Dealer rides over the bent and broken remains of a fiery battlefield in this renowned fantasy illustration that first introduced the shadowy figure to the popular imagination for generations to come. This armored warrior is a mysterious, shadowy menace whose horned helm, bloody axe, and silver shield mark him as a fearsome foe- quite likely the last sight that opposing armies would see when charging into the fray. Vultures circle in the ashen skies as the Death Dealer passes through the land like a dark avatar of destruction, leaving naught but bones for the birds to pick over.

Capturing all of the gravitas and fantastic terror of this iconic creation, this must-have Frazetta art print faithfully recreates all the detail of the original painting for fans like never before.

Print details:

  • Limited edition Printer or Artist Proof out of 30
  • 18 x 24” fine art giclée print, image dimensions 14 x 20”
  • 100% cotton, acid-free, certified archival warm matte Pura Velvet Rag 300GSM 
  • Epson archival inks
  • Hand stamped authorized signature of artist, Frank Frazetta
  • Official Frazetta embossed seal 
  • Certificate of Authenticity 

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