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Telling Stories: Classic Comic Art of Frank Frazetta Museum Edition Hardcover

Telling Stories: Classic Comic Art of Frank Frazetta Museum Edition Hardcover

Fantasy art’s most popular painter was also one of the most popular comic book illustrators during the industry’s golden age. Telling Stories: The Classic Comic Art of Frank Frazetta celebrates the rare and largely forgotten stories created five decades ago by this iconic artist. These jungle adventures, true-life tales of heroism, and dreamy love stories not only exhibit the skill of a master craftsman but also provide tantalizing glimpses of where the young artist’s career would ultimately take him.

This offers the complete Thunda tales and his best romance works, such as “Untamed Love”, “Empty Heart,” “A Love of My Own,” “The Wrong Road” and “Too Late for Love.” Ironically some of these often dismissed romance stories offer some of his finest works, with shapely women, nude statues, and lots of implied lust. Then we have heroic works, such as war comics from Heroic Comics; adventure, with White Indian, the long-running series for ME. We have: “Squeeze Play,” complete with a special introduction, his one and only solo-drawn story for EC. Here’s Captain Comet, a rare SF story with Al Williamson; Judy of the Jungle, a pre-Thunda Africa adventure; and some of his best and most obscure works from the late 1940s, one, two and three page classics.

All the stories have been newly colored, giving them each a fresh quality that highlights rather than obscures the art, as the original coloring often did. The long 18-page introduction offers an overview of Frank’s comic book work, from his first in Tally Ho Comics to his rare solo work for the Warren magazines and Witzend. It is beautifully illustrated, including from the original black and white pages.

Museum Edition:

  • Stamp-signed with Frank Frazetta's signature
  • Signed by Frank Jr.
  • Embossed with the museum seal
  • Includes numbered limited print
  • Limited out of 500


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