June, 2024

June, 2024

Trying out this whole newsletter/blog thing, so let me know what ya think!

June was an absolutely crazy month for us at the museum. We saw record traffic both in store and online, and our bandwidth was really put to the test. Hopefully those of you who visited enjoyed your time here, and those who ordered from the site got their products in a timely manner (Noelle and I do our best to get everything out to you quickly)!

The museum also attended Heroes Convention. This was our largest event to date that we have been vendors at. We brought loads of great products with us from the museum. Our Master's Collection pieces drew countless attendees to the booth, many of which asking if they were the original works...until we put price tags on them that were not in the millions of dollars. "The Return of Jongor" Master's Edition found a new home, while Death Dealer I had many guests questioning if they should spend their con budget in one shot. We even brought a few of you behind our tables to look at the pieces up close. Our Vintage Prints were fan favorites as always, thanks to their quality and affordable pricing. Death Dealer I was unsurprisingly the most popular image among them. Goliath Coins were the underdog of the show- selling out almost completely on the first day. That's something to consider for future conventions!

Thankfully there were three staff members present for the times when our booth got packed. It was Alyssa's first time working a convention, and she did quite well if I do say so myself. A tally was kept for who was the most efficient- Alyssa was the victor by a landslide, while Peter and I were both quite useless as he was off trying to swindle comics for his collection, and I spent most of my time sharing Frazetta related stories and information..which is more important than what Peter had done, so I suppose I placed second. If you stopped by and said hello, thank you! It was a pleasure speaking with you and sharing Frazetta related stories.

Oh! Our friends Savage Crucible were also there, and they brought their master paint of their Warrior with Ball and Chain Figure, which is now available for pre-order for another week or so! If you're a toy collector and haven't heard of them yet, check them out. I can guarantee they'll be a big name soon enough.

To finish up before I write a novel rivaling the length of a Wheel of Time book, thanks for your support last month, year, and decade. It makes me proud to know that my grandfather is becoming even more well-known as the years go by. He meant the world to my family and I, and deserves as much. I only wish he was still around for all of you to have the pleasure of meeting.

Until next time,
Frankie Frazetta

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