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Frank Frazetta's Swordsman of Mars Statue

Frank Frazetta's Swordsman of Mars Statue

Scale- 1/4 scale poly-resin statue

Manufacturer- Level52 Studios, LLC

Height- 21 inches

Weight- TBD

Material- Polystone

"The Swordsman of Mars is an extraordinary 1;4 polystone statue based on one of the most iconic Frank Frazetta paintings in fantasy art history. Standing an impressive 21 inches tall, this diorama of Martain warriors in resplendent armor is a show stopper and sure to become the centerpiece of many enthusiasts' collections. The billowing vermillion cape perfectly frames the composition of figures, clad in shimmering gold and silver armor fit for royalty, while the sharp protruding forms of the chrome sword blade and helmet add an air of intimidating strength.

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