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Zoloworld Death Dealer: Limited Powercon Edition

Zoloworld Death Dealer: Limited Powercon Edition

Limited out of 100

Through the cloak of darkness... comes the dealer of death..
For the first time ever in a retro 5.75” action figure format comes the most iconic dark fantasy character of all time! This legendary warrior has been referenced in magazines, music, film, print and toys. He is the character that has drawn inspiration to countless creators from film to comics.
ZOLOWORLD presents to you this officially licensed action figure through The Frank Frazetta Museum as part of the series named “FRAZETTA”

This deluxe figure features:
Zoloworld Interchangeable Body
Interchangeable Head
Removable cloth and Vinyl Garments
Iconic Long Axe
Long Sword
Body Armor

Sculpt: Jon Crom
Paint & Garbs: Jean Zolotorow

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